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"Bal Vishwavidyalaya" was established by Pt. Sitaram Chaturvedi, who served the versatile genius, scholar and connoisseur of art "Pt. Madan Mohan Malviya". The education procedure and syllabus which are being controlled by the C.B.S.E. has been already begun by Acharya ji 1968 from this school, which was ready to open the new horizon of success and glory of achievement without any burden of heavy bags.

He made such an outlays by which the students could get worthful achievement in their life, with these principles Acharya ji founded Bal Vishwavidyalaya. But there was an eccentricity in education system and that was, "examination", Parents were also agreeing with this system. The person, who firmly stood against this examination procedure, was Pt. Sitaram Chaturvedi ji, who condemned this system. He believed that students up to V standard should not be failed because it creates a sort of frustration among students. He said when the students get knowledge according to their syllabus, should be proceed to the next class. This process of imparting education is going on in "Basant School, Rajghat" till now. In this process, school informs the parents to prepare their children in summer vacation, in regarding subject in which students are weak so that they can be able for next class. For the naming of Vishwavidyalaya Acharya ji told that the students work and behavior should be like that which make the school"s name worthwhile. He thought if school imparts education regarding pottery, carpentry, gardening, typing and agriculture etc. it would assist them to handle their ancestral profession skillfully. This education should be started in the initial stage of students. Everybody is in the race of scientific development and in this race; we are going to forget our tradition, culture and heritage. "Bal Vishwavidyalaya" concentrates on these values and tries to make a balance between culture, tradition and science.


  • Have faith in yourself and be committed to the course.
  • Have confidence in your own abilities.
  • Have the dedication to stick to it even if the going gets really tough.
  • There is no substitute to hard work and there are no shortcuts to success in life.
  • Always obey your parents and trust them, this will lead to you a new amazing life.

As it is known to all that our family, school is the place where the students get the path of development and where the teachers are determined to develop the personality of their students. A child comes to school at the age of three or four, their parents are always in the search of a good schools for the best education of their children, Parents want that their children foundation should be strong because only school can assist them to bloom their personality. School imparts knowledge and with the help of parents, students grow mentally and become and become physically strong. Today for the safety of our country, we need capable and hard worker students because our ancestors had full faith on their young generation for saving their heritage and culture, so "Bal Vishwavidyalaya" is determined to create such an atmosphere under which one can create a strong personalities.

Regarding this principles "Bal Vishwavidyalaya" teaches students, how to behave with their elders and how to lead their elders and how to lead their personal life. It is said in Hindi.

"Guru Kumuhar Shishya Kumbh Hai, Gari Gari Kare Khot
Bhitar Haat Sahar De, Bahar Bahe Chot."

In above lines Guru is like potter as the potter takes keen interest and cares of his pot in the same manner a guru or a teacher takes keen interest and cares of his students are like a pots. So it is up to potter (teacher) to give any shape to the pot (students) in the same way a teacher has right to mould his/her students into that shape, as he/she wants.

If a teacher does not sort out his students shortcomings and does not generate any good qualities, as well as not participating in students happiness and sorrow a teacher cannot create the feeling of brotherhood among students. If a teacher gets a respect by dint of fear, of beating up by the students, he does not get any respect. The feeling of respect should be come out from the bottom of students hearts and they consider their teacher as a creator and mentor "Bal Vishwavidyalaya" is continuously proceeding on this path which is cherishing the tradition of gurukul system that keeps students away from the glamour of ultra fashion and move them towards many dimensional development. We are not against the modernism but we are against those modernisms which are totally influenced by the westernization. We are creating such a platform where the students can develop mentally, physically and economically which makes them able to participate in the world of competition. Our institute believes on the principle of "Simple living and High thinking."


  • Obstacles are those frightfullthing you see when you take your eyes off your goal.

Dr. Jaisheela Pandey

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